The love of an avocado seed

davI love avocados, and they seem to love me. I enjoy the soft taste of the avocado flesh and admire the beauty and smoothness of an avocado stone. After removing the avocado pulp from the skin, I usually hold the seed in my hand and absorb its energy.

Sometimes an image of the evil, life sucking queen from The Huntsman (2016) flashes in my mind, and I can’t help but wonder, if consuming an avocado seed’s energy is the right thing to do. The seeds don’t seem to mind though, because I’ve never felt any objection – on the contrary.

Once, I was holding a seed in my palms and asking for its energy. Immediately, I saw the life force of the seed spring towards me. It was the spirit of the unborn avocado tree, and it dove inside me like a little child running into her mother’s arms. It would never have the opportunity to grow into a tree, it told me, so it was grateful to be able to merge with me and continue its life through me.

Another time I was holding an avocado seed and receiving its energy when I had the experience of being sucked in to the depths of the stone. I zoomed deeper and deeper into the material of the seed, until I saw only atoms, and finally an electron inside an atom, circling around the space. I was reminded of how in quantum physics there are limitless possibilities for a particle, every moment. It was merged with the idea that every moment can grow into anything: every second is a seed with limitless possibilities, the avocado seed taught me.

Now I’m looking forward for a third moment of connection with an avocado. They have so much love and wisdom to share, and they have shown me how the smallest things in life can teach you the most. They give me everything, their flesh and energy and wisdom, and expect nothing in return. Maybe it’s love and appreciation that opens up the hearts of avocados to such unconditional giving… But doesn’t it do the same to all of us? When we love and are truly loved, our ego starts to melt and we want to give everything we have: our body, heart and soul – all of us.

The world’s favorite princess

As a child I wanted to be a Disney princess. They were so kind and special, courageous by heart and beautiful inside and out. Their singing touched every being of every species, and they moved around graciously as a ballet dancer. But most important was their beauty: the world saw their purity and fairness, and loved them back.

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Wind’s love to a building

WP_20170821_18_45_50_ProWhen my connection to the Oneness strengthened, I started to wonder whether I could find a lifelong partnership anymore. My loyalty is foremost to my spirit and to the Oneness, and living with me would demand openness and flexibility of mind: courage to explore different ways of being and thinking.

I live intuitively, guided by the the flow of life, and being with me would require the same kind of attitude. I feel that people are often bound by structures of mind and thought, and those structures are usually born, deep down, from fear. If you let go of everything, there’s nothing to fear anymore.

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My snake friends

I’m driving my car, when I feel an energy clog somewhere inside my body, above my navel. My hand starts to move vertically in front of my torso, clearing my energetic core. Suddenly, I get an image of a snake inside me, slithering upwards, into my food pipe. I can feel its dynamic body filling my throat, and I get a faint feeling of gagging before its head pushes through. The snake emerges from the root of my tongue into my mouth and stops to hover.

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Let me be your lover


I’m sitting on a pick-nick blanket with my two friends. The park’s red tiled church is towering among the gentle, leafy trees, and the grass surrounding us is sun-warm. My friends are in the middle of an intense and empowering eye gazing. The energy bond between them is strong, it would pierce my hand if I tried to feel the air between them. I am totally excluded, and I know I should be, so I close my eyes and let my attention flow to the earth.

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